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10 Facts and myths about coffee



1. Drinking coffee threatens with a heart attack

MYTH! Drinking coffee does not increase the risk of a heart attack or heart disease. It has been observed (unfortunately only in women) that consuming coffee in a decent amount, about two cups a day reduces the risk of their occurrence.

2. Coffee has a positive effect on our concentration

FACT! Caffeine contained in coffee beans has a stimulating effect on the central nervous system. Thanks to her, we feel less fatigue and sleepiness. It increases the physical capacity of the body, concentration and even the general mood improves.

3. Instant coffee is healthier than regular coffee

MYTH! With a big „!”. Instant coffee is a highly processed product, unlike coffee beans, where we can see with the naked eye what is there. Instant coffee, except that it contains various kinds of dyes and additives (unfortunately we will not find out from the packaging) which also has a certain amount of nickel. It is true that this element plays an important role in the body, but in too large doses it is harmful. Therefore, the consumption of instant coffee should be limited.

4. Caffeine is only found in coffee

MYTH! For people who do not like this black drink, the alternative may be tea, chocolate, energy drinks (however, because of the high sugar content and various artificial ingredients, I advise against). Caffeine is also a component of most painkillers.

5. Coffee consumed in large quantities causes cancer

MYTH! A lot of research has been carried out on this subject, which ruled out such a thesis. Coffee does not increase the risk of cancer. It is even the other way round, i.e. coffee can in some way protect against its formation, because it contains antioxidants that block the formation of cancer cells.

6. Coffee quickly loses its aroma

FACT! We know very well that the smell of a cup of freshly brewed coffee can enjoy a maximum of a few to a dozen or so minutes, and not because we’ve emptied it before, and because of the loss of aroma. Ground grains provide it only for about an hour, and therefore also very short. The aroma holds the whole grains for the longest time, because it is about 2 weeks after they have been burnt, which is not a satisfying time, however.

7. Coffee makes it difficult to fall asleep

FACT! Caffeine quickly passes into the bloodstream. It takes her about an hour, then her concentration is the greatest. Stimulation of the body after drinking a cup of coffee can last for several hours, on average, it is 4 hours. Therefore, it is better to give up the evening small black …. Unless the exam awaits us on the second day 🙂

8. Coffee is not allowed to drink during pregnancy

MIT / FAKT There are different opinions and research on this subject. In the past, drinking coffee during pregnancy was unthinkable, because it was thought to be harmful and increases the risk of various complications. Current research indicates that moderate consumption of coffee, or 1-2 cups a day, has no negative impact on pregnancy. However, it should be remembered that caffeine is not only found in coffee, but also in tea, cocoa, and chocolate, so you should limit yourself to a minimum.

9. Coffee is hard to digest

MYTH! Coffee improves metabolism and stimulates the entire digestive system to work. If we drink black and bitter coffee it is only about 5 kcal. The situation is different if we add sugar, milk or other sweet additions, then it is unfortunately not such a light product anymore.

10. Coffee can not be combined with medicines

FACT! Do not drink coffee or consume it shortly before taking medicines. Depending on the medicine used, coffee may reduce its effect by up to 60% or increase the duration of its action. We do not know how our body reacts to such a combination, so it is better to avoid it and the tablets to drink with water.



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