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Aeropress – coffee from a syringe


As coffee lovers are many, there are also many ways to brew this stimulant brew. One of the alternatives is to prepare coffee in aeropressie that some people commonly call the „syringe” because it works on similar principles. His story does not reach distant years. This device was invented in 2005 by the American company Aerobie. It is surprising that the area of ​​the company’s operations is completely unrelated to coffee. Aerobie produces toys like yo-yo or frisbee. However, the invention of the aeropress turned out to be a hit no less than the toys mentioned above.

Aeropress is characterized by a simple, uncomplicated construction. It consists of a chamber with a filter and a piston finished with a rubber cap. Included with the device is a stirrer, funnel that makes squeezing easier, a coffee spoon and a supply of filters.

To prepare coffee using aeropressu, you should obtain good quality coffee. Plain and medium-roasted, homogeneous coffees will work here. The dose that will be the best is between 6 and 11 g per 100 ml. Of course, it all depends on our taste preferences. Each time we can modify the brewing time, dose or coffee selection. In this way, we will certainly find what will suit the most individual requirements. Aeropress gives a lot of opportunities for people who like this type of experiment.

We brew the coffee immediately before brewing. If you plan to use the aeropress outside the home, you should also take a mill with you. Ground coffee has that after about thirty minutes it loses a large part of its aroma. It is worth buying products on which information is placed when the coffee was roasted. The closer to the date, the better.

It is good to use filtered water. It is also necessary to properly prepare the aeropress filter. In order not to have a taste of paper, it is worth transferring it earlier with hot, freshly boiled water.

And here are the stages of preparing coffee using the aeropress:

  1. We boil water, then wait until it cools down. The best temperature for brewing coffee is between 85-96 °C. It’s important that it is not boiling. While the water is getting the right temperature, we have coffee.
  2. We pour the prepared coffee into the tube.
  3. Pour water into the tube so as to cover the grains. Wait half a minute, then pour water to about 3/4 the height of the tube and mix.
  4. Turn the filter strainer off.
  5. We are preparing a cup or a cup and we put an inverted Aeropress on it.
  6. Keeping the slow pace, gently squeeze the brew using a plunger. A slightly different taste of coffee will be obtained by changing the time of pressing the coffee. We also encourage you to experiment here. The total coffee imprinting time may vary by up to several seconds.

To remove remains of coffee from the aeropress, unscrew the cap at the bottom and remove the waste until the end. Then we spread out all the parts and wash them with water.

And actually it’s all philosophy. It’s simple, right?

The method of brewing coffee described above is the aeropress method described above the basic method. Another way is known. The so-called. inverted method it is famous that coffee brewed in this way has a deeper flavor, because its brewing time is longer. In this case, the entire ritual begins with the foundation of the piston. Turn the Aeropress in such a way that the plunger is on the bottom. When the device is in this position, pour coffee. Then pour hot water and mix. Wait a moment, put a filter in the filter, turn the tube with a strainer and turn it over so that the strainer is now at the bottom. All you have to do is prepare a cup or cup and squeeze the coffee. Some say that this way of brewing coffee gives even more control over the brewing process. In addition, thanks to the inverted method coffee drips when it is already brewed, and not immediately after pouring water.

Preparing coffee in the aeropress has many pluses. First of all, the device is not expensive, the construction is characterized by great simplicity, and the preparation of coffee does not require special brewing ability. The quality of the infusion prepared in this way does not depart very clearly from the coffee prepared in expensive, complicated devices. In addition, the aeropress is not susceptible to damage. Undoubtedly, it will be a plus for newcomers.

Those who are fond of traveling or picnics or other forms of spending time away from home will probably be happy to see that aeropress is a portable device. The plastic from which it is made is not destroyed as easily as glass. We usually hear about aeroresses around the summer because it is light, handy and very practical. It takes up little space when folded.

Those who are interested in coffee, who like innovation in this field, do not have to spend a lot of money on good equipment. Aeropress meets the needs of even the most demanding coffee lovers.



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