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Cereal coffee – what it is and what its properties are


Cereal coffee is a drink that with traditional coffee has only a name and similar look. This product is not made from aromatic coffee beans. It is made from roasted grains of popular cereals, such as rye, wheat, barley, as well as chicory or sugar beet. Once it was served only to children or as a substitute for real coffee, today it slowly returns to favor and begins to appreciate its delicacy and positive impact on the body.


The origins of grain coffee for Europe date back to the times when the first colonists came across American tribes inhabiting America. The Indians drank a drink called ‚asi’ whose main ingredient was dried holly leaves. The caffeine-containing colonists adapted as a substitute for coffee and called „cassina.”

The first European grain coffee appeared in the Netherlands and was made of chicory. Until 1801, however, it was not widely known, thanks to M. Orban and M. Giraud she came to France, from where she was soon imported to Belgium and Germany.

Zbożówka particularly enjoyed the inhabitants of New Orleans. For parties fighting during the Civil War, it was a substitute for real coffee. In the United States, it was not until widespread production until about 1970.



Cereal coffee has many valuable nutrients. One of them is fiber, which occurs in it in easily digestible, because it is dissolved form. Fiber helps to achieve a feeling of fullness and facilitates digestion. He is an invaluable helper in the fight against extra kilograms. Cereal coffee is the source of many minerals, including: selenium and magnesium, as well as vitamins from the B group. Chicory also has a positive influence on the nutritional value of coffee. It is she who, thanks to the high inulin value, has a beneficial effect on the intestinal flora, which is of great importance in improving digestion. It is worth adding that grain coffee is low in calories, provided that it is poured with water, not milk.


Cereal coffee is a drink that without fear, unlike traditional coffee, can be served to both children and pregnant women, as well as nursing mums. It does not contain caffeine in its composition, so it is not addictive, and it can also be consumed by people with high blood pressure. The grain drink does not irritate the stomach walls, so it will be suitable even for people suffering from hyperacidity, as well as patients with kidney, liver, intestinal or spleen diseases. In addition, unlike natural coffee, you can drink it with liters, without worrying about the level of caffeine. The only contraindication to eating coffee is gluten intolerance, which is quite a common problem today.


In grain coffee, we find many nutrients, including magnesium, which among regular drinkers is regularly rinsed out. In addition, as mentioned before, it does not contain caffeine, which makes it available to almost everyone. Consuming real coffee is also not recommended for people who have high blood pressure or a delicate stomach. In a fragrance, however, grain coffee is nothing like the traditional coffee, so if someone drinks black coffee because of its aroma, unfortunately it will not find its grain equivalent.


Cereal coffee is not only a tasty drink that will taste for children. Its pro-health properties and delicate taste are gaining a wider and wider group of gourmets. Great for breakfast and dinner. What’s more, it tastes great with the addition of various spices, such as cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, vanilla. It is also used as an addition to cakes or drinking chocolate. Undoubtedly, this is a tasty alternative to caffeinated coffee, but I can not imagine giving up the traditional black coffee 🙂 Cereal coffee is a good choice, for example, late evening time.

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