Coffee peeling


The weather outside the window is getting more and more pleasant. I do not know about you, but I’ve been waiting impatiently when I can completely give up my down jacket, scarf and gloves. In the end we have warmer days, we only have to prepare ourselves for the new season. Throughout the winter, our skin often becomes neglected, it is dry, hard, so I want to offer you a home-like way coffee peeling. The essential thing is that it will be 100% natural and effective product, and at the same time much cheaper than drugstore proposals.

What are the advantages of a coffee peeling?

Thanks to the peeling, we will get rid of the dead skin, making our body smooth and soft. We then wipe off the layer of dead and calloused cells. The skin will be firmer, smoother and better prepared for further care. And we will feel a lot better 🙂 Caffeine contained in grains is not without reason used as a component of many cosmetics that improve our figure and its firmness. Penetrating under the skin, it helps in getting rid of body fat and cellulite. It is worth noting that the smell of coffee has a soothing effect on the senses, thanks to which we will give ourselves a kind of aromatherapy 🙂

What we need?

  • ground coffee – grinding thickness is an individual matter. Mostly for peeling, I choose fine ground coffee to avoid irritation.
    My attention – the choice of coffee matters. Shop coffees, which are mostly heavily smoked, have an unpleasant smoky smell in which you can even find a tobacco aroma, which is why I use freshly roasted coffee
  • olive oil or argan oil, we can also use olives for children.
  • a bit of cinnamon (possibly)

How to make a coffee peeleng?

1) Pour the ground coffee into a container, add olive oil gradually to create a thick paste. We can add a pinch of cinnamon, but it is quite warming and is certainly not recommended for people with vascular skin, prone to the appearance of so-called. „Spiders”.

2) To minimize the mess immediately after the procedure, I suggest you do it in the shower / bathtub and wash the residue away fairly quickly. The coffee strongly stains, so we will avoid later scrubbing the bathroom.

3) Gaining the right portion of the mixture gently, with circular motions, massage it into the skin. Remembering to avoid the armpits and the intimate surroundings.
4) After finishing pelleting, it is worth treating yourself with an alternating shower with cold and warm water, which will strengthen the effect of the whole process.

Some comments:

  • After peeling, look at the skin for redness and irritation.
  • The peeling can be stored in a jar for up to several weeks.
  • We do not use it more often than once a week
  • We do not rub too much so as not to irritate the skin
  • After the peeling performed, sunbathing and depilation of peeling body parts is not recommended




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