Coffee with french press


1. A few words about the French press – a short history of the brewing machine

The first French press project was created and patented in 1852 by the French Mayer and Delforge, however, it did not resemble the device we use today. The first idea for an infuser with a piston that reminds today’s press was created by the Italians Attilio Calimani, and Giulio Monet in 1929.

However, probably the most popular project known as „Chambord” was created in 1958 by the Swiss Faliero Bondanini. He perfected the idea of ​​Italians, which initiated mass production in a French factory called Martin SA. It is thanks to the popularity of Chambord in France that people gave the brewer a French origin. After some time, Bondanini started selling Chambord as „La Cafetiére Classic” in the UK, and soon after that the famous Danish company Bodum began selling the brewers in Denmark, finally buying the rights to their factory and name.

In our opinion, the most popular is today the term infuser with piston French press or French press, although the origin of this device does not necessarily originate from France.

French press french press

2. French press – we strip it into prime factors

Like use, the construction of the French press is extremely simple. It resembles an ordinary jug, or thermos made of glass (you can also find plastic models). The device consists of a glass cylinder with piston, holder and lids inside. The end of the piston is a special strainer that adheres to the walls of french pressa.

The main advantage of the brewing unit is the possibility of separating grounds from the infusion using just a simple plunger with a strainer, which is why it works well for brewing both tea and coffee.

You do not need a special kettle or paper filters to use French press, unlike other brewing methods. In this case, just a device, good quality specialty coffee beans and a grinder.

An interesting solution are certainly thermoinsulators. They have double glass walls, thanks to which French press on the outside is cooler, while the prepared inside the brew remains hot longer.

French press

3. Coffee with french press – how to brew a brew properly

To prepare coffee in this brewer you need:

  • French press

  • Coffee grinder

  • Kitchen scale

  • Stopwatch

  • Thermometer

  • Filtered water – we recommend using coffee in a scale of 1:12 for water (for 30g of coffee you should use 350g of water)

Preparation of coffee in a French press should begin with boiling water in the kettle to a temperature of about 95C. It is important that the water is of good quality. If you do not have a filter installed at the screen, the best solution is to use mineral water. Tap water is often too hard, or on the contrary – too soft, and this can unfortunately spoil the taste of even the best coffee. In the meantime, ground the coarse grains (too small milling may be in the sieve), then pour the coffee into the French press.

Now you can pour coffee with hot water on a 1: 2 scale (for 30g of coffee, use 60g of water). The coffee should be „overcoated” for about 30 seconds (during this time the pre-infusion process will already be known). It is at this stage that the best properties are extracted from the coffee. If necessary, you can gently stir the coffee with a spatula.

After 30 seconds, add the rest of the water and gently put the lid on the device. Brewing coffee should last up to 4 minutes. After this time, start lowering the plunger to squeeze the grounds. They should nicely „compact” at the bottom of the dish.

After completing the entire coffee pressie process, give coffee immediately. Do not allow it to stay in the container for too long, as it may cause it to overheat.

Remember to thoroughly clean the brewing unit after each use, since the remains of the previous use may be a factor spoiling the taste of the coffee being prepared.

how to brew coffee in the French press correctly

4. The best coffee for french press? The choice is not so difficult!

What coffee is best used for the Franco-German Prague? There are many answers to this question. We should mainly be guided by our own taste preferences, so try different types of coffees to see which flavor notes suit us best. There are many supporters of fruit coffees from Africa, while many people prefer more floral, nutty or chocolate flavors or lower acidity – coffee grown mainly in Central and South America.

However, there are a few rules that are worth following when choosing grains (apart from the taste profile of the coffee itself.)

It is essential to buy only fresh coffee, i.e. one whose grains have recently been burnt. The date of roasting coffee beans should always appear on the packaging. If the coffee you regularly buy does not contain such information – it is probably out of date and not suitable for brewing, let alone for consumption.

Coffee maintains its expiration date for 6 months from the time it is smoked. The best place to buy always fresh coffee is coffee roars and specialist cafes that care about the current supply of fresh beans.

In addition to the aforementioned issues regarding the freshness of grains, try to buy coffee as the best species. Although it is a bit more expensive than the one from supermarkets (often of unknown origin), we think that it is better to pay a bit more and be sure about the quality of the product consumed.

The most popular coffee used in french pressa is 100% Arabica, with medium or light grains – preferably single origin, or homogeneous coffee, coming from a strictly defined plantation. Undoubtedly, you will receive an aromatic drink with strongly characteristic flavor notes, which in a way represent the region, as well as the country from which the coffee comes.

Remember also about the proper storage of coffee – this will allow you to maintain its freshness for a longer time, and thus the natural taste and aroma.

Coffee is usually sold in packages that are suitably adapted and should not be poured. Some people buy special cans, but in our opinion they serve a more decorative than practical function.

Do not store coffee in the fridge, or even more in the freezer – coffee beans easily absorb moisture and odors – and the easiest ones are undesirable. That’s why we recommend buying coffee in 250g packs, thanks to which you will use it in a short time while keeping it fresh.

5. What french press choose?

Choosing the right brewing device can be a challenge. There are many different brands and models of French press available on the market that can make you dizzy. The most popular brands to which we should pay attention are: Hario, Bialetti, Barista & Co, Timemore, as well as Bodum.

Kettles Hario Cafe Press Olive Wood and Hario Tea Press Olive Wood they stand out with the quality of performance compared to other presses – glass, metal and olive tree were used for their production. They are extremely elegant and will definitely be found in many apartments.

french press hario tea press olive wood

Cracker from the Italian maker of coffee accessories, Bialetti, won the hearts of millions of people. Thanks to its simplicity in use, as well as unusual design, it has gained popularity in many countries around the world. Models to pay attention to Bold, Preziosa, Simplicity, and Trends.

french press bialetti preziosa and simplicity

In turn Barista & Co is a British company that creates accessories for making coffee, including French press. Model french press Barista & Co Plunge Pot will be ideal for lovers of milk coffees, as it can be used for frothing milk and for preparing cold and hot coffees. The model is available in various colors.

french press barista & co plunge pot

All the above mentioned coffee brewing accessories can be purchased at online stores. When selecting the brewing unit, pay attention to the manufacturer, the quality of the dish (pay attention to the plastic infusers), as well as the capacity.

An alternative to online shopping are, of course, stationary stores. In larger cities there are cafes that specialize in brewing coffees using alternative methods and often you can obtain yourself from a variety of coffee accessories. Sometimes you can also meet with special stands or shops in shopping malls, which in their offer have special devices for making coffee. That is why it is worth taking a look at the area and see if there is a place nearby or a shop offering high quality coffee makers and accessories, adapted to your favorite brewing method.

6. Summary

A piston brewer is a versatile device and really works great in all conditions – at home, at work and even when traveling. The service of french press is very simple and really requires us to remember only a few basic information that we mentioned in the article.

If you are still not convinced about this method of brewing, or you hesitate to make a purchase – go to a good coffee shop that offers alternative prepared coffees and ask the barista for a brew from the French press.

Remember also that french press is not only for brewing coffee, but also for tea.


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