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How to choose tasty coffee?


How to choose tasty coffee?

The adventure with coffee for many people starts very early. Usually, it is limited to market luncheon or, worse, soluble coffee. Unfortunately, it turns out that in Poland there are very few conscious consumers, for whom coffee is to be only a stimulant, it is not necessarily to delight the taste. It is worth knowing that coffee can give us a lot of pleasure. You just have to choose the right product for you, and we have a lot to choose from. The taste of coffee is influenced by a lot of factors that we will bring to you today.

A variety of grains

There are a lot of coffee types in the world, but here the two most popular varieties should be distinguished. Everyone probably heard about Arabica and Robusta beans. Arabica is considered a nobler variety, which does not mean that we are limited only to its services. What kind of coffee tastes to us depends entirely on us. Arabica is characterized by less bitter taste and richer aroma than robusta. It also has more fats and sugars, but it’s robusta has a higher content of caffeine, which is an advantage for those seeking coffee in the first place, especially for stimulation. If we are looking for coffee, which will be stronger in taste, more bitter and in addition better puts us on our feet, then it is worth choosing blends that have a large admixture of robusta.

Country of origin of coffee

Coffee plantations are located in different regions of the world, which also has a huge impact on its taste. Arabica grown in Ethiopia will be different from that grown in Colombia. It depends on from its variety, crop height or climatic conditions.

  • Coffee from Africa comes mainly from countries such as Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. They are characterized primarily by the distinct acidity and aftertaste of citrus fruits and flowers. They are coffee for lovers of light flavors.
  • American coffee has less acidity than African varieties. We can smell mainly chocolate and nut notes in them, which is why coffee from Brazil or Guatemala better blends with milk.
  • Asian coffees, especially from India and Indonesia, have a decidedly low acidity and are characterized by earthy notes. They are less popular coffee than varieties from Africa or America.

The degree of grain burning

The intensity of coffee roasting is also an important factor that ultimately affects the taste of coffee. The longer the beans are burnt, the more they take on a dark color. Lightly roasted coffee, slightly brown in color, with more caffeine and more it is more acidic, almost completely devoid of bitter flavors. Bright burning is mainly used for African grains, which allows us to keep their refreshing aftertaste. Dark roasted coffee features high bitterness and low acidity. Grains lose their natural flavor notes, and the temperature decreases the level of caffeine. The coffee is mainly famous for Italians, whose grains are shiny and sometimes almost black.

Suitable water

The final effect on whether we taste the coffee has a way to brew it. Coffee from the coffee machine, brewed in a coffee machine, traditionally filled with water or filtered, has one thing in common. It is necessary for making water. There are so many methods for preparing coffee that it’s hard to name them all. If we want to get the best taste out of coffee, we must remember the right water, which can spoil even the best mix. That’s why we recommend it earlier filter the waterwhich will help us cleanse it from excess minerals. If we talk about water, we must also pay attention to its temperature, which should be 88 – 94 ° C. Under no circumstances should boiling water be used.

The best coffee

Many people often ask about it which coffee is the best. The answer is very simple. The best coffee in the world is the one that you like. A person who likes strong, intense flavors will not like light and fruity coffees. Therefore, to choose the perfect coffee for yourself, all you need to do is read this guide and know what you like.



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