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Instant Coffee myths

instant coffee

There are many myths around instant coffee that put this drink in a particularly bad light. It is said that instant coffee has nothing to do with natural coffee and contains chemical enhancers of taste and appearance. However, this is not entirely true. It must be admitted that instant coffee does not delight in taste (like freshly brewed), which results from the fast and very specific production process. But can it actually be harmful to our body? We answer the bothering questions about soluble coffee.

Some history

Historical sources indicate that soluble coffee began to be produced in the 19th century. The fathers of this drink are the Japanese Sartori Kato, British George Washington, and David Strang of New Zealand. However, the Brazilian coffee industry is responsible for its development, which in 1930, using appropriate methods, began to store an excessive amount of coffee produced. It can therefore be concluded that in this way soluble coffee began its career.

In the 1960s, the Americans changed the method of producing soluble coffee, which began to form in the process of freeze-drying. This method of production has become very popular all over the world. In the 1970s, instant coffee accounted for 30 percent of coffee produced in America.

And how does this matter with the consumption of this drink? In some countries up to 50 percent of coffee drinkers are fans of soluble coffee, although in the UK this number is much higher – 75 percent.

How is maked instant coffee?

Currently, three kinds of soluble coffee are produced, which operate between them, but the production process of each of them is the same.

At the beginning coffee beans are roasted, then finely ground and brewed. Brewing takes place in multi-level extractor, in the range of water from 60 to 180 degrees Celsius. Brewing coffee is divided into several stages. After brewing, it’s time to dry the coffee. The purpose of this is to extract characteristic pellets or powder using hot air. The ten process took several seconds. The next stage for freeze drying, which drains water from the outside and makes it lighter. The result of this process is a coffee block from which ready-to-use coffee is made available.

How soluble coffee for good health?

Among the many myths for a moment of doing this for health. Due to the fact that: What’s more, instant coffee contains cholesterol approximation, which was filtered during lyophilization.

On the other hand, soluble coffee contains a smaller amount of caffeine and lowers iron absorption. In addition, a large amount of poisonous acrylamide can be found there. He performs in each of them, but in those that are created in the photo in the heights of the world. These premises do not say that soluble coffee should be considered harmful. Natural coffee also makes it difficult to enter the world of minerals, including iron and magnesium. It also contains acrylamide, although in some smaller quantities.

Avoid soluble cappuccino and so-called „3 in 1”

If you can talk about the harmful effects of soluble coffee on health, then only in the case of popular cappuccino powder and 3-in-1 coffees. Unfortunately, these types of products contain little coffee, but a lot of sugar (up to 50 percent!), As well as artificial colors, trans fats, stabilizers and emulsifiers. It’s better to stay away from these types of products.

What kind of good instant coffee to choose?

It is not worth believing in the repeatedly repeated slogans that instant coffee is chemistry itself and harms our health. The ground is to drink this with a good composition. If you like instant coffee, be sure to choose the one without sugar and chemicals. The fewer items in the composition, the more healthy the coffee is.

How to make instant coffee?

Brewing soluble coffee should not last longer than three minutes. It is best to pour it with water at a temperature of about 80 degrees Celsius. Thanks to this coffee will be more aromatic, tastier and will stimulate us better. If you need a solid dose of energy, choose freshly brewed coffee. It has much more caffeine and works faster.


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